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Attending exhibitions over the years must have realised you that an exhibition stand holds a lot to offer your company with attraction and qualified business leads! Indeed, exhibitions are the unique platform, where number of brands showcases their respective business in the best possible manner. It’s exceptionally innovative how exhibition area is dotted with hundreds of exhibition stands looks so attractive and live. Point to notice is how few exhibition stands look compelling, engaging, attractive and distinctive from others trade show booths. Well, that’s what makes those stands irresistible for the targeted audiences to step in. Let us clear to you, all of this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes creativity, research, and hard work to design and build a captivating exhibition stand.

Most importantly, it’s the creator of exhibition stand- the one behind all this! Of course, exhibition stand designers at Expo Stand Services are the primary source of success behind our client’s participation in various events. Indeed it’s the fruitful result of thriving the exhibition industry for 20 years. 3D exhibition stand designers at Expo Stand Services are associated with the company for quite a long now and they have now become the voice behind our client’s brands at exhibitions. If you are an aspiring exhibitor looking to participate in upcoming show with an elite and engaging exhibition stand then, here are few exclusive exhibition stand design recommendations by our 3D stand designers who can assist you to put the brand’s message and objective loud out to the potential customers.

Exclusive Exhibition Stand Design Recommendations By Our 3D Designers

  • Exhibition Stand Must Be Welcoming: It’s significant to design an exhibition stand in a manner that is gives the gist of warm welcoming to the attendees. For this, ensure to leave enough space at the entrance for your stand attendees. Moreover, a reception can be created nearby entrance where you offer a sitting area from where the attendees can be easily approached by the stand supervisor. What-so-ever design you choose, ensure that it doesn’t look cluttered or jam-packed.
  • Use Bold Colours In Your Exhibition Stand: Using bold colours in exhibition stands is highly suggested by our designers since it’s the prominent element to produce a compelling trade show display. White is the prominent colour to use, however it’s important to splash a tone of warm and bold colours like red, orange, dark green, brown and yellow. Such colours are hospitable and add liveliness to the exhibition stands. Therefore, keep in mind to use bold and warm colours to compliment your exhibition stand theme and industry. 
  • Highlight The Displayed Products In Exhibition Stand: Your products must be at centre of exhibition stand. It doesn’t mean to place your products in middle of the booth but highlight the products via engaging and persuasive designing. Such as you choose a creative podium to display your products. This not only aids to put your product under spotlight but also has a positive impact on your attendee’s outlook about your brand. It’s one of the ways to highlight your product that you can ask your exhibition stand designer to work upon.
  • Enough Meeting Space In Exhibition Stand: Considering the ideation of the exhibitions, it’s crucial to have ample of space and spacious meeting areas that also, enhance your customer’s experience at your trade show booth. So, always ensure to leave enough meeting space in the exhibition stands and accommodate comfortable sitting. Moreover, following this approach makes you come across as a proficient and customer-centric brand. Other than that, allotting enough meeting space also enhance your customer’s experience. If you are planning to have a large exhibition stand then also consider having a back-office, closets and kitchen for more impact.
  • Visualisation Is The Key In Exhibition Stand: Creative visualisation is worth a thousand words. Using speaking visuals and graphics is crucial especially, when it comes to marketing in exhibitions. Thanks to state-of-the-technology, we have dynamic graphic printing machineries with which exhibition stands can be built speaking and enthralling. Reason why the pictures/ visuals are more impactful is because it leaves the lasting impression on your attendees mind. So, don’t leave any wall empty in your exhibition stand and fill the spaces with creative and powerful visuals that speaks for your business.