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From past few months, exhibition industry officials have been in long discussions focusing on a major concern, “under what parameters to re-open the market” or “what the first exhibition to take place will look like”.  Well, that’s true, pandemic has changed the entire concept of business and marketing in exhibition sector and guess what? Confusion to do business continues! Question like, “what kind of post-pandemic challenges exhibitors have to face at exhibition stand” always haunt the industry.  Whether to happen in 2021 or 2022, exhibitions are likely to look different for some time. 

Practicing social distancing measures is an unprecedented challenge for the face-to-face marketing sector like events and exhibitions. With, we may need to think strategically to marshal the ways in order to accomplish the business objectives effectively yet safely. That’s where the post-pandemic challenges arrive into the picture. As we live in this globally described, new normal world, we will have to turn such challenges into business opportunities on exhibition stand floor! Witnessing new trend such as touch less technology yet engaging (beneficial for customer interaction) can be the solution. Here, we have gather some of the best ideas to execute in your exhibition stand that you may find beneficial in navigating the challenges and in turning it into business opportunities. Have a look:

#1 Touch less Technology Integration For Registration In Exhibition Stand 

Numerous industry administrators, forums, and advocacy groups have faith that touch less registration at the entry points of the exhibition show and your exhibition stand will be a proven feature of the post-pandemic events.  Integration of this technology will be the great improvement for various reasons. It will help in removing last-minute registrant’s congestion.  Also, it will allow convention centres to welcome the show visitors without mandate sanitisation between every touch on entry doors.  An exhibition of this kind of tech savy registration will be an ultimate invitation to the show visitors.  Last but not the least, there will be systems involved to carry right information of the visitors that will help you in building the network.

#2 Live Streaming From Your Exhibition Stand In Case Of Fewer Visitors  

Live streaming on various social media platforms and on you tube from your exhibition stand will help in manifesting your participation while combating post-pandemic challenge of connecting with number of ideal customers. There may be the scenario where numbers of visitors are less and that may impact your business, well in that case, we highly suggest, live streaming. For best results, it’s necessary to have good number of relevant followership on your social media platform. You can also promote your live streaming prior the show so that your followers are fully aware of your live streaming time. 

#3 Wider Exhibition Stand Aisles One of the major solutions, many industry officials have given their agreement upon is the wider aisles. Well, assuming social distancing may have to be followed for some time- a key to flattening the covid curve, widening of exhibition stand aisles is likely be a part of exhibition stand designing and building regulations for the safety purpose (in many different regions).  Wider aisles at events and exhibitions will allow for more regulated traffic flow and will positively reduce people bumping into each other.